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I  Love You

    I love you, yes I do!

    Do you really love me

    Like you say you do?

    Is it me you really need,

    If you love me like you say you do,

    Why do you love me?

    Tell me the truth.

    Because I love you, yes I do!

    I really do

    Love you!


    By Deshaundria

I  Hate

Life is dumb, but it is fun

I hate summer,

And I hate school,

but sometimes it’s cool

I hate cats,

I hate rats,

I hate the devil,

but realize that he can be so clever,

I hate books,

and I hate to cook

I hate this and,

I hate that,

Life is unfair, and I don’t care

      by Khari


Feeling Low

 I feel like a clown,

That’s why I’m down.

Life is not fun,

Because I weigh a ton.

I feel really hurt

Because I get treated like dirt.

 And NOBODY cares how

I’m feeling right now.

               by Alexandra



 How can you miss something you never had?

I always say I miss the relationship with my dad

 But, I realized that is one I never had

My mom and “gram” are all I ever had.

I want my dad to congratulate me

I wish he were here, then he would see

 He is missing something he never had.

                      by LaChantae’

Who am I?

 Who am I?

Am I who people say I am?

What do they say I am?

Who am I?

Am I smart?

Am I beautiful?

What am I?

Who am I?

Am I what people say a lot of us are?

Am I the future?

What does the future hold for me?

Who am I?

I “wanna” know what people see

When they look at me.

I know who I am

I’m what I “wanna” be!


                       by Shamirah


Being Me

 Being me is really hard

No wait…scratch that!

Being me hurts. Its painful,

It’s like stepping on a tack

Because only for a minute

It will bleed for a moment.

Just like it says in the bible

We don’t need…we want it.

But I need a new family

That will treat me so well

Because the one I have now…

Feels like I’m in hell


So now you know how it is

Being me,

If you think you have got problems

Think about Kenny G.


                               By Kenneth