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“September Poem”

Green, red, yellow, leaves,

Falling from all the trees,

Things are changing everyday,

Each and everyone in its own way,

Preparing for winter …it’s coming soon.

All the snow will shine under the moon.

By Ajanee Atkinson

“All about Football” 

I love football, you love it too  

Running and catching while I am 

Out-running you

Pass to the wild receiver while I am  

Crossing you running down the field trying to run 

All over you 

While my cleats burn the grass 

All up and through you.

By Lionel B.


“The New”


New days, new breezes 

New faces, new features 

New class, new teachers 

New clothes, new sneakers 

New class, new rules 

New Year, new school.


By Courtney L.




September is the best month of the year 

You start off in a new class the next year 

You meet new people; but they all the same 

September is nice because it’s not to hot 

But not to cold that’s what I like about September


By Jacques B.



Hello to September

I’m awake now

 It' time for school

September can start. 

Hello to September

It's been a wonderful

Summer and fall

Is a very nice thing

To have in


September is

Finally here

Now you see

What a wonderful

Month this is.

September is

Awesome now we

Can enjoy school before

We can say bye-bye

To September and say

Hello to October but

for Now we can say

Hello to September

Hello to September

Are you happy now

You should remember

The days in school

No matter what

Grade you are in

You should remember

We are the 2007

Eighth graders.

By Jacqueline G


September has started

I wonder how fast this month will pass

Will it go fast or slow I really don’t know

Just wait and see don’t rush the flow

September is now here

Are you excited?

We are now back in school

We are going back to the old times where we sleep and drool .

When September is over

Here comes October

I wish 07 will hurry up and come

So I can graduate and be done

If the 31 days in this month are special

I will definitely remember

The good days that I had

in the month of September.

By Margaret B.

September; A School Year!"

September is here the starting of a new

School year, the starting is fear the

End you might cheer, this school year

Seems old, hopefully cold and sheer

This is luckily a wonderful school year…… 

                        By Jerika Warren