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"Sucess is the result of perfection, hard work, learning   from failure, loyalty, and persistence."   -Colin Powell           



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Here is the link to the ISAT practice questions.  You can simply CLICK the words or the  school tools  below to go to the ISAT sample questions.                   

Sample ISAT Questions

After you click the link scroll down until you reach the 8th grade questions.






Connected  Math 2

Grade 8

Grade 7

Grade 6

You will need to enter the WEB code from your text book for some of the links.         





Greatest Common Factor

First Number: Second Number: Third Number:
If you only want to do two numbers, leave the Third Box empty.

is the Greatest Common Factor (GCF)



The Pythagorean Theorem

( a2 + b2 = c2 )

2 + 2 =



Prime Number Calculator

Please enter a number:



Square Root Calculator


Binary Code Calculator

to base



Percent Calculator

What is % of ? Answer:
is what percent of ? Answer: %


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