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" Luck is what happens when preparation meets  opportunity."   -unknown

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Language Arts



    Complete any incomplete classwork!     

    READ  Everyday! Use the form you were given in class to log your reading Turn in your Reading Log  on Friday .       

     WRITE  sentences using this week's vocabulary words (due on Tuesday ).

      ANSWER the assigned comprehension questions( due on Thursday).

    Your next book report  has to be submitted by Thursday May 24, 2012.    

     Your Reading Log should be used daily,  but  has to be turned in on Friday.

Social Studies





Research     & Technology Integration


     EXTRA CREDIT: Post a response on the classroom's  BLOG.     

    Remember that your response will not appear online until I have approved it.   





    Complete all work assigned in your Science  and Math classes.


    Do not forget to use the Science Page as a resource.

    See the Math page for more information.